About Just Name It Special T’s

The owner Rick Maier was enlisted in the United States Coast Guard for 20 years and retired in 1996, at which time he owned and operated a very successful home improvement business for 10 years.  In 2002 he started screen printing and then later added an embroidery machine. Just Name It Special T’s (JNIS) is now this is his main focus .

The goal of JNIS is quality product and excellent customer service.

We specialize in small screen printed and embroidered orders for those customer that are running a small business and don’t necessarily need 100 t-shirts or hats. It is obviously a little more costly per garment to the customer who needs 10 shirts versus 100 shirts. However we try to keep the cost within the small business or small group budget.

We also specialize in serving small groups such as family reunions, holiday gatherings, school clubs and the like that need only a few shirts. If I can’t figure a way to make it affordable for you, I will give you other options you may be able to do yourself.

JNIS can also handle your large orders as well.

We do in-house screen printing, embroidery, rhinestone &  graphic design. No middleman.

JNIS has also operates a state of the art vinyl cutter so we can service the those customers that need athletic apparel needing numbers, team names and logo’s utilizing heat transfer material.